Complete Ginbrew Kits

Each Ginbrew kit comes with three cotton pouches containing a different botanical blend that will yield a unique, hand-crafted gin. One pouch of botanicals is enough to transform a 750 ml bottle of vodka, so a single Ginbrew kit will yield three full-sized bottles of gin.

The kit comes packaged in a quart mason jar that holds the vodka during the infusion process and stores your gin once it's done. It also includes an instructional booklet and a section of fine-weave cheesecloth to strain out the spent botanicals from the finished product.

The Original Ginbrew kit comes with the first three blends we developed: Our flagship blend Liberty 13, the more juniper-forward Blue Ruin, and the subtler, more floral Jenevieve. The Summer kit comes with Liberty 13 and our two new summertime seasonal blends: The bright, citrusy Gravier Street and the intriguingly hop-infused Hops Populi.

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