Winauk Root by Ginbrew

Winauk Root puts a twist on a classic juniper and coriander gin base with layers of traditional root beer botanicals. Sassafras (or Winauk, as the Native American population of our native Virginia named it), birch bark, sarsaparilla and wintergreen give this blend its unique taste. Enjoy it with soda for a delicious refreshing beverage, or pair with other strong liquors, bitter amaros, and sweeter cordials for a surprisingly sophisticated taste. Dressed up or down, it’s a delicious treat, original and familiar at the same time.

Brewing your own gin is simple. Pour the blend into a vessel containing 750 mL of your favorite middle-of-the-shelf vodka (like Smirnoff) and put it in a cool, dark place. After four days (or longer if you prefer more flavorful gins), strain out the botanicals and pour yourself your favorite drink!