John and Scott met in high school, although they didn't become gin drinkers until somewhat later. A year or two after college, they were mixing up a bowl of gin punch and debating the merits of various brands when they were struck by the question of whether they could make their own. They had already dabbled in homemade infusions and liqueurs, so the possibility didn't seem crazy. A bit of research revealed that people had actually been doing this for centuries, so the testing process began and Ginbrew was born.

John, Ginbrew Chief Marketing Officer
After tackling online marketing for a nonprofit dedicated to children's issues and sharpening his business acumen at KPMG, John brings his expertise to Ginbrew. He is passionate about marketing and recently discovered an interest in behavioral economics. He grew up and still resides outside of Washington, D.C., plays Magic: the Gathering (primarily Limited), is getting married this year and enjoys drinking French 75s.

Scott, Ginbrew Chief Operating Officer

Scott spends his days providing educational enrichment courses for kids in the D.C. metro area, so it’s understandable that he turns to a stiff gin drink when his day is done. He brings his small business experience and wealth of classic cocktail knowledge to Ginbrew. As an avid chef, if he’s not experimenting with new cocktails, he’s likely at a cutting board while watching LOST re-runs and telling anyone who will listen how sous-vide cooking is the future. Favorite gin cocktail: The Last Word.