Gravier Street Closeup
Gravier Street is a bright, citrusy blend which we think works particularly well in a gin and tonic. Lemongrass, mint, ginger root, and star anise add their fragrances to a strong juniper backbone. It takes its name from the historic avenue in New Orleans' French Quarter where Henry Ramos' saloon once stood and where he invented the Ramos Gin Fizz -- incidentally, another cocktail in which we think this blend works superbly.
Jenevieve Closeup
Jenevieve is a softer and more delicate blend with an understated juniper note and a complex bouquet of floral aromatics. Rose hips, lavender, hibiscus petals, elderflower, and Egyptian chamomile mingle with the subtle violet scent of orris root and a hint of tartness from dried raspberry drupes. Bay leaf and a little Tellicherry pepper provide a counterpoint to the fruit and floral notes. We think this one works especially well in fragrant cocktails.
Blue Ruin Closeup
Blue Ruin is a robust, assertive, juniper-forward blend that will appeal to traditionally minded gin drinkers. Its name harkens back to an epithet for gin used by anti-spirits crusaders during the “Gin Craze” that followed England's Glorious Revolution. However, unlike the original Blue Ruin that so frightened those 18th-century moralists, this blend's powerful evergreen notes are rounded out with herbal notes of rosemary and thyme.
Winauk Root Closeup
Winauk Root puts a twist on a classic juniper and coriander gin base with layers of traditional root beer botanicals. Sassafras (or Winauk, as the Native American population of our native Virginia named it), birch bark, sarsaparilla and wintergreen give this blend its unique taste. Enjoy it with soda for a delicious refreshing beverage, or pair with other strong liquors, bitter amaros, and sweeter cordials for a surprisingly sophisticated taste. Dressed up or down, it’s a delicious treat, original and familiar at the same time.