What is Ginbrew?

Ginbrew is a do-it-yourself kit containing everything you need to create your own bottle of homemade gin.

You do this by infusing the kit's botanicals—the juniper berries, herbs, and spices that give gin its flavor—into ordinary, off-the-shelf vodka. After a week of infusion, you'll have your own bottle of hand-crafted gin.

Ginbrew gin is not clear, but has a golden color. Commercial gins are clear because they go through a final distillation process after the botanicals have been infused into the spirit, which strips away any color. Gin made with a Ginbrew kit is called compound gin, meaning it gets its flavor from a botanical infusion after the distillation of the spirit is complete.

Compounding is a very old method that's been used for as long as gin has been around. The shady practices of prohibition-era bathtub gin producers once gave compound gin a bad name, but the truth is that compound gin is as delicious and complex as clear gin.

While we were testing and developing our blends, we shared them with our fellow gin lovers. Our blends outperformed many commercial brands in blind taste tests. We're confident that after mixing up a bottle of Ginbrew and tasting it yourself, you'll feel the same way.

Brew your own gin!