The Original Ginbrew Kit comes with everything you need to turn ordinary vodka into delicious, homebrew gin -- a jar for infusing, an instruction card (though you won’t need it) and a botanical brewbag filled with our crisp Gravier Street blend.

Our new brewbag technology makes brewing your own gin easier than ever before -- no need to measure, strain, or deal with filtering sediment or finicky funnels. Simply pour a standard 750 ml bottle of vodka in the jar along with the brewbag and let steep.  Remove the brewbag after 4-7 days of infusing your gin, discard it, and you’re ready to drink.

Gravier Street, our flagship blend, is a bright, citrusy blend which we think works particularly well in a gin and tonic. Lemongrass, mint, ginger root, and star anise add their fragrances to a strong juniper backbone.